Folic acid or Vitamin B9 performs important functions within the body, especially when it comes to tissue and DNA construction (this is why it’s so important to maintain high levels of folic acid during pregnancy).

Supplementation with folic acid might half the risk of giving birth to kids with neural tube defect (Spina Bifida) and is also related to reduced risk of autism, cleft lip/palate, delayed language development and premature placental abruption. Women should start with supplementation of folic acid a month before pregnancy and maintain it during the first trimester. It is recommended that all women in fertile age, planning to get pregnant, take a supplement of folic acid (dosis 400mcg) a day.


Women who have epilepsy, have a partner with epilepsy or who have given birth to a child with neural tube defect, is recommended to increase the dosis by ten (4mg) a day in the same period.

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